25 November 2019. Public Meeting / Workshop in Community Hall.

On Monday, 25 November 2019, a Publuc Meeting / Workshop was held in the Community Hall. The purpose was to discuss the Spatial Development Framework in Mamre.

03 October 2019. MRA Meeting with Mr Lazarus Joseph, Director General of Department of Rural Development and Land Reform

On Thursday, 03 October 2019, 4 representatives(Jo Cooper,Lindy Kraak-De Vos, Travis Petersen,Leonie Adams), in their capacities as both members of the MRA AND the MCPA,met with officials from the Department of Rural and Land Reform. The officials from the Department of Rural Development and Land Reform(DRDLR), were represented by Mr Lazarus Joseph(Director General),
his colleaugue,Mr Siphamandla Mbebe, and Ms Lorraine Erasmus(Deputy Director). This meeting took place at their offices in Long Street,Cape Town.

The main objective of this meeting was to:

1] Introduce ourselves as members of the MRA(Mamre Residents Association), informing the DRDLR(Department of Rural Development and Land Reform) of our Scope and Mandate.
2] As members of the MCPA(Mamre Communal Property Association), expressing our grave concerns,on behalf of the Mamre Community, of the current Executive Committee of the MCPA.

MRA Meeting with Mr Lazarus Joseph, Director General of Department of Rural Development and Land Reform

Wednesday,11 September 2019. CT Mayor Dan Plato meeting in Loben Hall

On Wednesday, 11 September, the Executive Mayor of Cape Town, Dan Plato visited the Mamre Community. A Public Meeting was held in the Loben Hall,
to address various issues in Mamre.Although a presentation was introduced by the Ward 29 Councillor,Cynthia Clayton,
the Mamre community was not interested,except to discuss one main issue. HOUSING.

Needless to say, the housing debate elicited very fiery and heated response from an extremely frustrated community that vented their disappointment
with the lack of development,but more importantly, the lack of housing in Mamre.

Their frustration was in no doubt fuelled by the Ward Councillor,Cynthia Clayton's lack of adequate feedback and the crowd demanded that she be held accountable.

After the opening address from the City of Cape Town Mayor,Dan Plato, the floor was opened to questions from a very agitated and at times, hostile audience.

Those that rose their hands to ask questions of the various City of Cape Town Officials, were afforded an opportunity to do so at the front of the stage.
Tough questions were posed to the panel, who at times were heckled when their attempted answers did not find favour with the very vociferous crowd.

What was very evident from that evening was the fact that the existing MCPA(Mamre Communal Property Association) did NOT enjoy much support. The crowd was not  impressed by their lack of feedback to the community of Mamre concerning the Communal Ground(Meent Grond), of which they are the custodians. A pertinent question was asked of why there is no co-operation between the MCPA and the MRA. The lack of response and the MCPA's silence in ths matter only further increased the community's level of frustration.

The current interim MRA(Mamre Residents Association), by contrast, was enthusiastically applauded by the boisterous crowd when they were introduced to the community. This evidently proved that the Mamre Community greatly value their input.

The meeting was concluded with a commitment made by the Mayor to facilitate a workshop that would include ALL stakeholders to address the Communal Ground and the Housing Development in Mamre.

Wednesday,13 August 2019. Feedback Meeting by Ward 29 Councillor, Cynthia Clayton.

On the 13 August 2019, a meeting was held in the community hall. This meeting was regarding feedback from the ward 29 Councillor, Cynthia Clayton.
This meeting followed the Protest March on 20 July 2019 by the residents of Mamre to the Council Offices in Saxon Sea. Once the residents gathered at the Councillor's Office in Saxon Sea, a Memorandum was handed over,signed and accepted by the Ward 29 Councillor herself, Cynthia Clayton.

Eunica Humphreys and Elvino Schippers Interview with Radio Atlantis FM - 08 August 2019

On Thursday, 08 August 2019, Mamre, in solidarity with 12 other suburbs in and around Cape Town, embarked on a massive protest. This protest was borne out of sheer frustration by backyard dwellers that are demanding housing from the City of Cape Town.
During the protest, Eunica Humphreys, as a resident of Mamre, was interviewed on Radio Atlantis, to provide context and background to the actual issues at hand that prompted the residents of Mamre to block all entrances and exits to Mamre.

Eunica Humphreys and Elvino Schippers Interview with Radio Atlantis FM

Elvino Schippers

Eunica Humphreys

Councillor Cynthia Clayton addressing the Mamre Community during the protest on Thursday, 08 August 2019

On Thursday, 08 August 2019, Mamre Residents participated in a peaceful protest against the lack of housing in the Moravian Town of Mamre. The residents vented their frustration by blockading all entrances and exits to Mamre. This eventually necessitated the Ward 29 Councillor Cynthia Clayton, and her colleague, Councillor Nora Grose, to come and address the highly frustrated Mamre residents.

Councillor Cynthia Clayton addressing Mamre Community during protest on 08 August 2019