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Maintenance Amendment Act of 2015

To amend the Maintenance Act, 1998, so as to further regulate the lodging of complaints relating to maintenance and the jurisdiction of maintenance courts;

  1. to further regulate the investigation of maintenance complaints;
  2. to further regulate the securing of witnesses for purposes of a maintenance enquiry; to further regulate maintenance enquiries in order to make provision for the granting of interim maintenance orders;
  3. to further regulate the making of maintenance orders; to further regulate the making of maintenance orders by consent;
  4. to further regulate the circumstances in which maintenance orders may be granted by default; to further regulate the granting of cost orders;
  5. to regulate the effect a maintenance order made by a maintenance court has on a maintenance order made by another court;
  6. to further regulate the transfer of maintenance orders; to regulate the reporting of a maintenance defaulter to any business which has as its object the granting of credit or is involved in the credit rating of persons;
  7. to further regulate the attachment of emoluments; to increase the penalties for certain offences;
  8. to create certain new offences; to further regulate the conversion of criminal proceedings into maintenance enquiries;
  9. and to provide for matters connected therewith.
Travis Petersen
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2019-10-04 13:48:55
2019-10-04 11:10:55
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