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Residents of Mamre, Ward 29
Mamre Residents Association

Attention: Councillor Cynthia Clayton

e:  Mamre Residents had enough with their needs being ignored

We as the community of Mamre, Ward 29, would like to
convey our dissatisfaction with the way we are being disregarded by our Ward Councillor Cynthia Clayton.  Mamre asks for housing, they get parks.  Mamre asks for security and policing, they get parks. Mamre asks for economic opportunities, they get parks.

Seven months into 2019 and no sign of Councillor Clayton. No visibility, no community meetings with our residents. Our people are disillusioned as their needs are not being heard, attended to nor seen to.

Mamre was promised fencing around the library area to stop the after hours partying, vandalizing, and the disturbance it causes.
Residents. Mamre emphasized the security aspect. This was promised as a budget priority.  Where is our fencing? All talk and no action. 

Mamre has land. Mamre has money yet no development is taking place. We are sick and tired of all the empty promises. Promises that are made to shut us up, to stun
the development of our people. 



We demand that our voices be heard. We demand that we get what was promised. We demand that we get what we need.

       We the people of Mamre hereby demand that all communication and issues                         relating to Mamre and its development be communicated with our representative             body Mamre Residents Association. This is a constituted and mandated entity          that speaks on behalf of the community.

2.               We the people of Mamre demand that the 77 serviced plots, as promised by             Cynthia Clayton be made immediately available to our people and the criteria for        beneficiaries to be drawn       up with Mamre Residents Association within 14 days.

.         We the people of Mamre demand a meeting with MEC Frits and Mamre                Residents Association within 14 days to discuss policing and putting security                         measures in    place in Mamre, not limited to a 24 hour Police Station in Mamre             which is a definite need.

         We the people of Mamre demand that a meeting be held with Duke Gumede and   the MRA to discuss housing options in Mamre that benefits ALL our people,                        within 14 days.

5.    Several requests for speed-bumps in Mamre have been submitted but it                has fallen on deaf ears. We the people of Mamre, demand that a meeting be        held with Cllr          Cynthia Clayton, her constituency and the MRA within 14 days so that that list can receive attention and speed bumps be installed as this is a          definite safety issue.
6. We
the people of Mamre, demand that our business hives be reopened, the      selection and criteria process for applicants to be tabled with MRA and that      economic opportunities be made available to the Community and not just to a      selected few. Meeting within 14 days.

7.  We demand a meeting to pave the way forward for Mamre's Assets to be returned             to Mamre. Access to OUR buildings, access to OUR funds.

            a) Mamre Vistors Information Centre build on Mamre land to be accessible to                         registered entities in Mamre.
            b) Mamre Tolhuis to be made available for Emergency housing for Mamre                         Residents and being administered by Mamre Residents Association.
            c) Mamre Arts and Crafts Centre accessible to registered entities in Mamre.
            d) Mamre Municipal Buildings to be accessible for meetings and workshops                         during and outside of business hours to registered entities in Mamre and not just     to the Mamre Communal Property Association as the case now.
            e) We demand access to OUR Trust funds for the development of Mamre and it's        people.

            f) A list of all assets of Mamre; funds, plots (land), buildings currently under the             custodianship of City of Cape Town. To be handed over to MRA within 14 days.

g) A list of Mamre Residents on City of Cape Towns housing list to be handed             over to MRA with 14 days.

We urge that you Councillor Clayton consider the needs of the people of Mamre first and not run away from what you promised you will deliver when we elected you.  As the community of Mamre we therefore give you 7 days to respond and deliver on the promises that you have made.

This memorandum is handed over by the community of Mamre and their representative body Mamre Residents Association to their Ward Councillor Cynthia Clayton in the presence of community members and documented by the local media on 20 July 2019


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Received by Cllr Cynthia Clayton                                                       handed over by MRA                                                                                                                                                                Chairperson Mr Stanley Kelly



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