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Communal Property Association,  constituted by this constitution and established in accordance with the Communal Property Association Act No 28 of 1996.

Meetings held with the Community of Mamre, as well as various Community and Organisational Leaders.

The most important doctrine for any reputable organisation,that will ensure that its mission,vision and objectives are met.



The MRA firmly believes in the concept of TRANSPARENCY. The following are the email correspondence with various Stakeholders/City of Cape Town Officials/Ward Councillors.

A list of grievances in the form of a Memorandum was handed over to the Ward 29 Councillor, Cynthia Clayton, on 20 July 2019.

Various Articles of Interest, all related to the MRA;  NPO Registration Certificate; Child Maintenance Amendment Act 2015; Maintenance Support FAQ;

Set Agendas for all proposed meetings. Agreed upon by all attending members prior to meetings.

Detailed Minutes recorded at  all MRA Meetings, as well as signed Attendance Registers.

This document outlines all the duties that a Ward Councillor must execute to service their assigned Ward.

Transformation of Certain Rural Areas Act(Act No. 94 of 1998)

This Category is dedicated to all our Fundraising efforts and all Donations received from our community members as well as outside sources.

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