a) To observe the constitution of the Republic of South Africa;

b) To establish a civic organisation to act in accordance with section 5 of the Municipal Systems Act No 32 of 2000;
c) to represent and promote the interests of all residents and to encourage them to be more actively involved;

d) To co-operate with the Municipal Council and its officials;

e) to lend support to all lawful and laudable objectives of the Municipal Council;

f) To establish contacts and relationships with other organisations both locally and nationally for


 the benefit of members;

g) To foster unity and co-operation amongst all residents;

h) to maintain a high standard of municipal services, to ensure that the administration of the municipality


 is composed of competent and reliable officials and to promote appointments and promotions on merit;

i) To uncover corruption and misuse of public property;

j) To promote the cultural, educational and other values of the people of the community;

k) To promote the interests of the Association and its members.

Jo Cooper

Eunica Humphreys

Patrick Oppelt

Leonie Isaacs

Travis Petersen



The current  Interim Core Group of the Mamre Residents Association(MRA) consists of members of the original MRA (est 2015) , Concerned group (est 2015) and community members.  Both entities with different objectives.  The growing concern for lack of development within our community reignited and formed a single entity with a common vision for Mamre. This led to the formation of the Interim MRA in 2019.

The movement and its cause ignited a common interest and more functional members decided to join.  To gain legal standing and a more authoritative voice, The Mamre Residents Association was formed under a legal registration of a Non-Profit Organization (225-231 NPO).

Mamre Residents Association NPO 225-231


Information to be  updated shortly.........


Information to be  updated shortly.........


Information to be  updated shortly.........

Tuesday, 13 August 2019 - Public Meeting at the Community Hall,Mamre. Feedback from Councillor Cynthia Clayton

On Tuesday,13 August 2019, a Public Meeting was held between the residents of Mamre and the Ward 29 Councillor, Cynthia Clayton. This meeting was called to provide feedback from the protest action that took place on Thursday, 08 August 2019.


 Eunica Humphreys

As the Co-Secretary of the Interim MRA, Eunica has been at the forefront of liasing between the relevant Departemental Officials, Executive members of the MCPA, as well as the Ward 29 Councillor, Cynthia Clayton.
She has been a constant thorn in the side of the various officials, holding them account to their obligations as public officials, and ensuring that certain deadlines and feedback are met.
The MRA owes much of its engagement with the various officials directly to the tenacity and persistence displayed by the very passionate Ms Eunica Humphreys.

Radio Atlantis FM Interview with Eunica Humphreys during the protest on Thursday, 08 August 2019.(Opens in New Window)
Jo Cooper

Jo is a well known community activist. He currently is the acting Chairperson of the MRA and also acts as the Public Relations Officer. He is extremely committed to the betterment of the Mamre community, and his passionate public addresses ensures that everybody listens attentively and also draws the attention of most public officials.
Travis Petersen

Travis is responsible for designing,developing and maintaining the MRA Website. He also moderates and maintain the Social Media Content. Travis brings his vast knowledge from his past corporate career in IT to ensure that the community of Mamre is also kept abreast of the latest news and developments in and around Mamre.